KPM China, KPM Porcelain Plaques, KPM Dinnerware, KPM Figurines

    Elegant Findings Antiques has a large selection of KPM china like KPM porcelain plaques, KPM dinnerware and KPM figurines.   KPM china was made at the The Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, Germany founded in 1763.   It is also known as Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, which is how it got the abbreviation of KPM porcelain.
   Elegant Findings Antiques chooses each piece of KPM china for its fine artistic quality and great condition.   KPM porcelain is usually painted beautifully, often equal to the quality of Meissen porcelain.   KPM porcelain is especially known for their KPM plaques.   Each porcelain plaque is often a copy of a famous painting from a painting in a museum painted by a very famous artist.   KPM porcelain items are painted freehand by excellent talented artists.