Set of Ten Meissen Reticulated Dessert Plates Painted With Flowers and Insects


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Aren’t these late nineteenth century Meissen openwork plates beautiful? We have a set of ten. Each one of these openwork or reticulated Meissen plates are hand painted with different beautiful flower bouquets of spring and summer flowers and insects. You can see that the artwork is definitely done by a masterful talented artist. The plates have three cartouches of different flowers interspersed with the openwork borders. Their pure white ground really makes the flower bouquets stand out. They are 8 1/4 inches in diameter. They are perfect for dessert or teatime, or for many appetizer dishes. These plates would make an eye catching decoration hanging on your wall or on your table top. They are in very good antique condition, except one plate has a chip on the back of the plate. It can not be seen from the front. Price of set-$3500.00