KPM Porcelain, KPM Dinnerware, KPM Plaques


    Elegant Findings Antiques has a large selection of KPM porcelain like KPM plaques, dinnerware and KPM figurines.   KPM china was made at the The Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, founded by Frederick the second of Prussia, also known as Frederick the Great in 1763.   It is also known as Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, which is how it got the abbreviation of KPM porcelain.  At that time, Frederick the Great started to use his Royal sceptre to mark his KPM pieces of porcelain.  At 1763, when he took over the porcelain manufacture, they had 146 workers, who had been hired during the first two failed attempts to make the company successful. Frederick the Great invested money so the company would be successful. He loved the fine white porcelain, and he ended up being the KPM company’s best customer. He commissioned at least 21 dinner services for his palaces, as well as beautiful centerpieces. Whenever he had to give a diplomatic gift, he would give KPM china  to royalty and to other aristocrats. He loved the rococo style of the porcelain.
His successor was his nephew Frederick William the second, who made the company very prosperous. He led the company into a neoclassical style of porcelain. He also encouraged beautiful detailed paintings on the porcelain of the city of Berlin, seascapes and landscapes.

            In the late nineteenth century, they started to paint the porcelain in an art nouveau style. Let us not forget that in the late nineteenth century, KPM was very successful in painting beautiful detailed porcelain plaques that were copies of master paintings or old German paintings.

    In the twentieth century, a Bauhaus period came, where decorations were minimal and forms were functional.

Elegant Findings Antiques chooses each piece of KPM china for its fine artistic quality and great condition.   It is usually painted beautifully, often equal to the quality of Meissen porcelain.   KPM is especially known for their KPM plaques as mentioned above.   Each porcelain plaque is often a copy of a famous painting from a painting in a museum painted by a very famous artist.   KPM items are painted freehand by excellent talented artists. Please look at  KPM China page 2KPM China, p2

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