Meissen Blue Onion Porcelain

Elegant Findings Antiques has an extensive selection of rare antique Meissen blue onion porcelain items that are hard to find.

We have large trays, figural salts, two section bowls, four cornered bowls, platters, gravies, reticulated compotes and bowls. We hope you will enjoy looking at our wonderful selection of antique blue onion Meissen china. When you shop at Elegant Findings Antiques, you will find Meissen blue onion porcelain that you have been looking for and have not been able to find anywhere else.

Elegant Findings Antiques searches for rare Meissen blue onion items in wonderful condition that are antique. Even the antique Meissen blue onion porcelain looks like new after it is used frequently. The Meissen company has perfected its hard paste glazing by glazing the blue onion porcelain twice at  very high temperatures. This means you can use it without it showing grazing or scratches, as other porcelain does after it is used a lot. Right now, we have a fabulous selection of Meissen blue onion. Many of these pieces are so unusual that I have not seen them before in my thirty years of experience. Elegant Findings Antiques has specialized in Meissen porcelain for thirty years. That is why we are very selective in choosing fabulous pieces of Meissen blue onion.

If you look at my blog on the History of Meissen Blue Onion Porcelain, you can read about its history which I think you will find very informative. You can see an even larger selection of Meissen blue onion dinnerware if you look at Meissen Blue Onion Dinnerware, Page 13. Any piece of Meissen blue onion you choose at Elegant Findings will have the crossed sword Meissen mark and will be in great condition even though it is an antique. We hope you can add to your own Meissen collection with the extensive selection we offer. Our goal is to help you find wonderful pieces of Meissen that you can enjoy throughout your lifetime. Please click on any of the pictures in the gallery below to see a larger image