Meissen Porcelain

Elegant Findings Antiques Has An Extensive Selection of Over 800 Pieces of Meissen Figurines and Porcelain.

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    Elegant Findings Antiques has many Meissen figurines and cabinet pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else. We search to find Meissen dinnerware and cabinet pieces that are rare and in fabulous condition. Please look at our History of Meissen Porcelain page for more information. Look through our many pages of Meissen porcelain selections to choose special pieces for your own collection. We have an extensive selection of Meissen dinnerware like Meissen purple Indian, Meissen blue onion, Meissen streublumen , Meissen Chinese butterfly and Meissen nineteenth century dinnerware with large bouquets of flowers and bugs called New Brandenstein, yellow and green court dragon. We also have a large selection of Meissen cabinet pieces including figurines, vases, cabinet plates and centerpieces.
 Meissen porcelain was the first hard paste porcelain made in the western world. Before Meissen porcelain was made, only the Chinese and the Japanese had the formula to make porcelain. In 1710, Bottger, an alchemist, discovered the formula for porcelain under the ruler ship of August the Strong.  Meissen Porcelain was given as gifts to Royalty in the eighteenth century It was known as white gold.
   Through the years, Meissen perfected its hard paste porcelain by its high temperature firing during its glazing. The colored Meissen porcelain was glazed three times at high temperatures and the blue and white Meissen pieces were glazed twice. This is why old Meissen porcelain keeps its great condition through the years even if you use it.  It does not get grazed or show utensil marks.
   The painters for the Meissen company had to apprentice for three years at the Meissen Drawing School before they were allowed to paint on any of the Meissen porcelain items that were to be sold. This is why the painting on the antique Meissen porcelain far surpasses any other porcelain that you will see. They pay attention to detail, and each piece of Meissen porcelain has the most beautiful detailed flowers, fruit, birds, land or seascapes or angels on it . Each figurine is modeled so beautifully and with so much detail that you can see the hair strands, eye brows, eye lashes and the finger and toe nails. Each figurine of a person, a child or an animal is so life like. It is really amazing!