Rare Antique Stemware

Elegant Findings Antiques has over four hundred pieces of rare antique stemware.  We offer many of the famous companies like Venetian, Val Saint Lambert, Pairpoint, Moser, Hawkes crystal, Salviati Venetian, Baccarat, Bohemian, Waterford and Saint-Louis crystal.  We also have an extensive selection of antique glass perfumes and beautiful wheel cut vases.


We pick each piece of rare antique stemware for its great condition, its fine quality and its rarity. We love when the glass has been engraved or wheel cut with gorgeous patterns. We have just acquired a fabulous set of Saviati  opalescent Venetian stemware that appears to look like an opal. The Venetian set includes goblets, wines, cordials, aperitifs, tumblers, bowls and under plates and coupes and a centerpiece.

We also have just received the most beautiful selection of wheel cut, engraved and intaglio vases, bowls and compotes.  Each of these rare pieces of glass are more beautiful than the next. You really have to see them to believe how beautiful they are. A picture does not really show the fine cut of each piece. It is the finest quality that I have seen for years.

We are always looking for fabulous rare pieces of glass and stemware. Please visit our website each month to see what wonderful pieces we find.We have six pages of stemware and glass items for you to shop from starting on page one, Antique Crystal Stemware

We will also be putting our wonderful antique glass perfume collection and a collection of Moser stemware on our website very soon. We have Moser goblets, cups and saucers and bowls and under plates that you will love.

Call us any time if you have any questions about our extensive selection of rare stemware and glass at 617-973-4844 or email us at info@elegantfindindingsantiques.com. We will look forward to hearing from you.