Antique Meissen Porcelain, Meissen China, Meissen Dinnerware, Meissen Figurines

Elegant Findings Antiques Has An Extensive Selection of  Over Eight Hundred Pieces of Rare Antique Meissen Porcelain, Dinnerware and Rare Cabinet Pieces.

We have rare Meissen porcelain items like cabinet plates, candlesticks, chargers, figural groups, vases, tureens as well as many rare dinnerware services.  We try to find rare antique Meissen porcelain items that you will not find anywhere else.  We choose our Meissen pieces for their fine artistic painting, their rarity and their fabulous condition. 

   We especially love Meissen items that are painted with fruits, birds, flowers, lovers and topographical scenes.  The Meissen artists free hand painted their flowers, fruits, birds and scenes on the Meissen items. The detail of the flowers is incredible. You can see the veins in the leaves, the beautiful flower petals and even the detail in the center of the flowers. The paintings on these pieces of Meissen are museum quality. When you look at antique Meissen figurines, you can see so much detail like each strand of hair, finger nails and toe nails.  Most of our antique Meissen porcelain dates back to the nineteenth century and some date back to the eighteenth century.

   Elegant Findings Antiques has been specializing in antique Meissen porcelain for over thirty years. Our love for Meissen porcelain stems from the beauty of the paintings, the quality of the porcelain and that we have noticed that the Meissen porcelain seems to last forever.  If you look at a hundred year old piece of Meissen porcelain, it looks like it is brand new. The Meissen company glazed their antique porcelain at high temperatures with an excellent glaze.

      Therefore,  Meissen porcelain does not show its age by grazing and scratching like many of the English porcelains do. The only way you can ruin it is to use an abrasive like a steel wool pad on the gold. This can remove the gold, which is actually real gold.

    Please check our website at or visit us at our store in Boston on Beacon Hill at 89 Charles Street to see our extensive Meissen selection. Feel free to call any time at 617-973-4844 if you have any questions.

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