Flowers of Spring

Meissen Streublumen Porcelain

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Today, our feature antique item is a Meissen Streublumen Coffee Set in the Meissen Streublumen pattern.

As this is the first day of Spring, thoughts of romance, blossoming flowers and trees and future weddings come to my mind. It is certainly a beautiful time of year to be surrounded by the gorgeous blossoming flowers and trees and the wonderful perfume of those blossoms.

This is why I chose this beautiful Meissen streublumen coffee set as our featured item this week. Streublumen means tossed or scattered flowers. In Germany, when a bride and groom were married, it was a tradition to throw flowers at the bride and groom, like we throw rice in the United States. Each time they were thrown, different flowers would land in all different patterns. This is where the idea of the Meissen Streublumen flowers was discovered. Each piece of the Meissen streublumen dinnerware is painted with different patterns of scattered flowers against the beautful pure white glaze of the fine Meissen porcelain.  Meissen steublumen is truely a beautiful pattern.

This week, we would like to feature this beautiful Meissen streublumen coffee set, which includes ten cups and saucers, ten cake plates, from 1923-1933 and the coffee pot, from 1923-1933.  Each cup and saucer has an unusual swan handle on each cup. The coffee pot has a rare animal spout.  All pieces have a thick gold border.  Each cup and saucer is $195.00. Each cake plate is $120.00. The unusual coffee pot is $795.00. The cups and saucers are available by the piece. The coffee pot, which is 8 1/8 inches tall, is available individually. The cake plates, 7 1/4 inches in diameter, are available as a set of ten. We could also sell this as a complete set.

Elegant Findings Antiques would like to wish all our wonderful customers a fabulous Spring season surrounded by the magical beauty of all the blossoming Spring flowers and trees.

Come visit us again next week for the next featured antique item on the Wonderful World of Antiques Blog.